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PlenaryEdgar D. Zanotto

Invited 1Shingo Nakane  - Relation between mechanical properties and network structure of the aluminoborosilicate glasses.

Invited 2Francisco C. Serbena - Residual stress measurements around indentations in soda-lime and borosilicate composites using fluorescence spectroscopy.

Invited 3Hellmut Eckert New Insights on Six-Coordinated Silicon in Glasses.

Invited 4Gael PoirierSecond order non-linear optical properties in thermally poled tantalum germanate glasses and glass-ceramics.

Invited 5Aluísio A. Cabral - SEM Microstructure Characterization of a SrO-CaO-BO3 -SiO2 Glass-ceramic with surface and volume crystallization.

Invited 6Hellmut Eckert - The Glassy Part of Glass-Ceramics: What can we Learn by NMR?

Invited 7Márcio L. F. Nascimento - Silica Viscosity Investigated by Means of Principal Component Analysis.

Invited 8José Schneider - Mixed-Ion Effect in Phosphate Glasses: Ion Dispersion, Ion Dynamics and DC Conductivity.

Invited 9Eduardo B. Ferreira - Glass crystallization kinetics via DSC – Determination of particle shape.

Invited 10Ana C.M. Rodrigues - Substituting P with Si to enhance the ionic conductivity of NaTi2(PO4 )3 NASICON glass-ceramics.

Lecture 1 - M. Radha - Role of Ni2+ in transparent glass-ceramics with semiconductor nanocrystals for broadband amplification.

Lecture 2 - M. Seshadri - Efficient Near-Infrared Down-Conversion in Pr3+ /Yb3+ co-doped B2O3 – Bi2O3 – PbO glass.

Lecture 3Valentina Gacha Mendoza - Crystallization properties of tantalum phosphate glasses.

Lecture 4 - Azat O. Tipeev - Seeded crystallization in supercooled Lennard-Jones liquid: Classical Nucleation Theory analysis.

Lecture 5Benjamin Moulton - The structure of barium silicate glasses and crystals: Insights from Raman, 29Si MAS NMR, and Molecular Dynamics Simulations.

Lecture 6Millena Logrado - Group-13 Elements into Bioactive Glass: Structure Study by Advanced Solid State NMR.

Lecture 7Daniel Cassar - Predicting the properties of multicomponent glasses using patterns found in simple glasses.

Lecture 8Gisele Santos - Development and use of artificial neural networks for obtaining optical glasses.

Lecture 9 – Jeanini Jiusti - Analysis of 26 stability parameters for estimating the glass-forming ability of oxides.

Lecture 10 - Roger Borges  - Bioactivity evaluation of superparamagnetic glass and glass-ceramics aiming bone cancer treatment by hyperthermia.

Lecture 11 – Laís D. Silva - Novel, Strong Bioactive Glass-Ceramics.

Lecture 12 – Ricardo Lancelotti - Structural relaxation of lead metasilicate and lithium disilicate glasses.

Lecture 13 – Rodrigo Passos - Relaxation and crystallization of a diopside glass.

Lecture 14 – Nilanjana Shasmal - Single step in-situ synthesis and photoluminescent properties of nano semiconductor doped borosilicate glasses.

Poster Session


  1. Sacha Gade - Study of composites Hydroxyapatite - Borate Glass for bone tissue recovering applications.

  1. Gleison Silva - Synthesis and bioactivity of Ag2O doped glass-ceramic.

  1. Mariza Senk - Crystal Size and Crystallinity Effects on the Strength and Fracture Toughness of Stoichiometric Lithium Disilicate Glass-Ceramics.

  1. Simone Sabino - Effect of Crystallinity on the Fracture Toughness and Strength of Stoichiometric Barium Disilicate Glass-Ceramics.

  1. Thais Morais - Study of the bioactive behavior of calcium-sodium-strontium-borate system in renewed SBF and calcium phosphate solution.

  1. Ingryd Rodrigues - Synthesis and study of copper (II) doped bioactive borate glasses

  1. Otávio Silva Neto - Study of the optical and spectroscopic properties of Eu3+ -doped CaNaB glasses.

  1. Maria Alencar - Correlation between structure, glass stability and non-isothermal crystallization on the CaO-SrO-B2O3-TiO2-SiO2 glass system.

  1. Lorena Rodrigues - Effect of pre-existing nuclei on nucleation and crystallization kinetics of a 2NaO.CaO.3SiO2

  1. Sara Pereira - Study of Scaffolds from bioactive glasses and their role in the process of bone regeneration.

  1. Brenda Lima - Synthesis and Characterization of Pr3+ doped Calcium Boroaluminate Glasses.

  1. Kamyla Rodrigues - Uncommun avrami parameter during non-isothermal surface crystallization on the CaO-SrO-B2O3-TiO-SiO2 glass system.

  1. Ilza Santos - Thermal and Optical Properties Tellurium Dioxide Vitreous Matrices Doped with Nd3+ Rare Earth Ions.

  1. Gabriel Morguetto - Mixed-Ion Effect in Phosphate Glasses: Ion Dispersion, Ion Dynamics and DC Conductivity.

  1. Floriano Guimarães Neto - Study of the effect of SrO on the bioactivity of the glass system Calcium-Sodium-Borate.

  1. Igor Silva - Novel Li-conducting NASICON Glass-Ceramics probed by Solid-State NMR.

  1. Adriana Nieto-Muñoz - Glass-ceramics obtained by single and double heat treatment: Microstructural and electrical evolution.

  1. Jairo Ortiz-Mosquera - The role of crystallization processes on lattice parameters and ionic conductivity of NASICON type-Na2AlGe(PO4)3.

  1. Rafael Silveira - Effect of high pressure on the Soda-Lime-Silica glass-ceramic.

  1. Laís Silva - Study of the bacterial activity of borate bioactives glasses doped with Ag2

  1. Gisele Hippler - Effect of high pressure in structure and physical properties of Li2SiO2.GeO2 glass.

  1. Débora Fabris - Factorial design of new hard, transparent glass-ceramic.

  1. Brenda Lima- Luminescent properties of Er3+/Yb3+ co-doped calcium borotellurite glasses.

  1. Helena Ramírez - Structural Relaxation versus Nucleation Times in Oxide Glass-Formers.

  1. Matheus Tissot - Thermal and structural properties of glass and effect of addition of LiF and in the glass matrix.



  1. Otávio Silva Neto - Luminescence properties of Ce3+ -doped CaBAl glasses: carbon effect on reduction of cerium in CeO2, CeCl3, Ce(SO4)2

  1. Gabriel Morguetto - Study of mixed ions effect in Cs2O-Li2O-SrO-P2O5 glasses by solid state NMR and impedance spectroscopy.

  1. Jaqueline Gunha - Synthesis and thermal behavior of oxyfluoride tellurite glasses within TeO2-Li2O-ZnO-LiF composition.

  1. Marcio Nascimento - Glycerol Crystallization in Wide Temperature Range.

  1. Evellyn Magalhães - The influence of Al2O3 on the optical properties of Nd3+ doped tellurium oxide glasses with silver nanoparticles.

  1. Gaston Lozano - White light emission in tellurite-zinc glasses doped with rare-earth ions.

  1. Jeanini Jiusti - Finding the glass-forming region of a never studied ternary oxide system using an Artificial Neural Network.

  1. Glauco Bezerra - Crystallization activation energies on the CaO-SrO-B2O3 -TiO2-SiO2

  1. Leonardo Evaristo - Effect of high pressure on the structure and properties of barium disilicate glass-ceramic.

  1. Artur Santos - Influence of the TiO2 contents on glass stability of the CaO-SrO-B2O3-SiO2

  1. Viviane Soares - Translucent and transparent lithium disilicate glass-ceramics.

  1. Mayara Cerruti - Structural Relaxation of a Soda-Line-Silica Glass via Refractive Index.

  1. Geovana Santana - Magnetic behavior of vitreous matrix biocomposites designed for the treatment of bone tumors by hyperthermia.

  1. Alberth Costa - DTA–DSC methods applied to the study of the crystal nucleation rates in a BaO.2SiO2

  1. Jéssica Santos - Tunable light emission in Tb-doped low silica calcium aluminosilicate glass by UV excitation.

  1. Walter Faria - Optical thermometry based on Nd3+/Yb3+-doped fluorophosphate glasses.

  1. Iago Pinto - Development of Fluorophosphate glasses doped with E 3+ and Dy3+ for Ultraviolet sensing.

  1. Matheus Vieira - Surface functionalization of bioactive glasses using thiol groups.

  1. Laís Silva - Novel, Strong Bioactive Glass-Ceramics.

  1. Johnata Fonseca - Effect of cooling rate on residual stresses in bilayer dental ceramic by finite element analysis.

  1. Itamar Jr - Calorimetric Characterization of Some Aluminosilicte Glass and Glass-ceramics.

  1. Lia Marcondes - Influence of alkaline ions of Eu3+ -doped alkali niobium germanate glasses.       

  2. Silvio Buchner - Production of high density vitreous systems using high pressure.

Confirmed Speakers


Edgar Dutra Zanotto


Hellmut Eckert


Shingo Nakane


José Fábian Schneider


Marcio Luis Ferreira Nascimento


Aluísio Alves Cabral

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